Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Lots of free shogi software from the Land of the Rising Sun

Lately I've been like a kid in a sweetshop thanks to a great Japanese website with loads of free software,and lots of shareware and payware too.My particular interest at the moment is Shogi, so this is the web page I have in my favourites to browse at my leisure.
By using google translate I link here to get a basic understanding, though the translation isn't perfect.(when downloading, use the japanese page, otherwise the download link won't work).
One of the games that's a trial version that particularly caught my attention is called, wait for it!, :- kiokunonakanosansankakunari
I'm teaching myself Japanese at the moment, so eventually I'll work out what it's all about!
The best free program I've come across so far is Bonanza Classic.
If you go to control panel, then Regional and Language options, then install files from there for East Asian Languages, then subsequently set Japanese as the option language, you will get a Japanese lady reciting the moves made in Japanese.


Ryou Takehito said...

About the picture in your post, may I ask what's the name of the program?

And where can I download it? Is it free? I'm very interested in playing a 3D Shogi. lol.

supertsumi said...

Hi!,the name of the programme is :-

I downloaded the game from here:-


Also these are links to the Game website


My Japanese isn't good enough yet to fully appreciate the game, though it's worth learning Japanese just to play this game!

Ryou Takehito said...

Thanks for the links!

I have tried it out and I didn't know it was a story type of game! I thought it was just a 3D Shogi game! I think bonanza is much much better than this, unless I can read Japanese too! =)

チアゴ Bones ゴパン said...

Umm....I Just download it too and the game is kinda nice but its not the full vertion....

you cannot play the 3D part of the game because its a trial, but in the full mode you can just play 3D at any moment without the need to go over the story =)