Friday, 26 September 2008

how to replay your shogi games as shockwave flash animations on internet explorer

first of all you will need to download and install adobe shockwave player , then also the latest java release for windows
Then you will need to download a program called kif2swf which if you download the latest java version first should download as an executable jar file.
After installing these programs, run kif2swf, then open a game you've saved as a .kif file and convert it to a shockwave flash object.
Then all you need to do is right click the converted file, and open it with Internet explorer, and you should be able to view your game full screen.
incidentally if you want to save a game that you might come across for instance on takodori's site that's displayed as a shockwave flash object, just follow the insructions in this webpage

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Excellent preview. Thanks for the share. Keep going.