Sunday, 10 August 2008

playing shogi on your pocket pc

I've been aching for a long time to be able to play shogi on my pocket pc, as pocket pc shogi games are non existent, especially for english language users.
Then I hit on a bright idea!, use an emulator and find shogi games designed for another format that's more popular!
So!,I downloaded Pocket GBA from this site here
Then I installed Morita shogi (GBA Rom), in pretty much the same way on to my device, and the rest is history.
Now i can happily play shogi anywhere, and believe me Morita for gameboy advance is an excellent programme, it's very powerful, has many different playing levels , and even has tsumeshogi problems,and game position problems, and many other features, though as it's in japanese it'll take a bit of deciphering to fully appreciate.You can even change the colour of the board, and the look of the pieces.(if only some of the windows pc games were as good)
In the past I think there was only one other shogi game for pocket pc that was called hellchess, and it had other games as well, but they're not around anymore, so can't send you the unlock code, and even if they did, the pieces are western style(yuk!)
So there you have it, shogi on your pocket pc.