Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Playing shogi online against human opponents

For real time play against human opponents, the best sites are Shogi Club 24, where the standard of play is high, and Play OK. A recent newcomer is 81-dojo,and shogi is also playable on the main yahoo.com site. Another good site is iggamecentre.

For turn based shogi the best is Brainking, and another site that recently has added shogi too is Gold Token( I recently entered a shogi tournament at Gold Token and you can follow it here: http://goldtoken.com/games/tournaments?st=21343
Little Golem also offers turn based shogi, as well as an interesting shogi variant called tori shogi.
Also there is a site called ThaiBG, and if you're comfortable with basic japanese you can play on Yahoo!Japan.

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